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  • Is New Hope part of a denomination?
    • ​No, we are not a part of a denomination.  We are just followers of Jesus Christ
  • What is your music style like?
    • ​We strive to make the musical aspect of our worship genuine and God honoring.  You won't find a "show" or an "entertainment" focus in our music.  We worship using ancient hymns as well as contemporary songs.
  • Is there a dress code?
    • ​Wear whatever you like as long as it is in good taste and respectful in coming into the presence of the King.
  • What are the sermons like . . . are they boring monotone "thees" and "thous"?
    • ​The messages are straight from the BIBLE, and the Bible is anything but boring!  We strive to make the Bible come alive as we dig deep into its truths and practically apply these truths to every day life
  • Are you theologically conservative?
    • ​If by conservative you mean following the Bible without compromise, then YES!  We are theologically conservative.


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