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Our Missionaries

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Founded in 1958, the school is located in north-central Arizona, close to the largest Native American reservation in the United States. Over the course of our history, we over 120 graduates, and many native american, many of whom are still faithfully serving the Lord. 

Flagstaff, Arizona

Indian Bible College


The Kunkle's were able to attend New Hope in March and share the work they are doing.  It was great to hear their mission story at our morning service and have lunch with them after. 

Texas-Mexico Boarder

The Kunkles

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It was great to be able to welcome our missionaries from Madagascar - the Carlstroms!  We heard not only how God is using them to build His kingdom in that far away country, but we heard of their adventures and of everyday-life (that's not so everyday for us!!!) on the Red Island of Madagascar.


The Carlstroms


We loved being able to see and hear what wonderful things are happening in the the mission field and work of the Jordans.  What a blessing to have them visit us in 2017!


The Jordans

Woman with Bible

Continue to remember them as they go into the mission field. 

Keep them in your prayers.

in prayer

Remember our Missionaries

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